From the album Love Was Here First.

Written by Carolyn Arends.

Words fail, but I just keep talking
I derail, but there’s just no stopping
The train of my thoughts, it goes faster and faster
This juggernaut is my natural disaster
My “what-ifs” collide with my “wherefores” and “whys”
‘Til the only way that I’ll survive

Is if I will
Be still
And know that you are God

My gears just keep on turning
My fears quickly are burning
My faith down to ashes, my hope up in smoke
I fan the flames and I stand here and choke
‘Til I remember if I want to breathe
Then the only remedy


Oh how I need a vacation
‘Cause it’s so exhausting pretending I’m God
There would be much less frustration
If I would let you do your job


© 2009 Running Arends Music/ASCAP

Phil Robertson: drums
Jon Anderson: count-in and toms
Adrian Walther: bass
Roy Salmond: electric guitars, keys
Spencer Capier: violins
Carolyn Arends: acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Horns: Arranged by Kent Wallace
Trumpet: Kent Wallace
Tenor and Baritone Saxophone: Bill Runge
Trombone: Jeremy Berkman

Love Was Here First

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