From the album Feel Free.

Written by Carolyn Arends and Connie Harrington.

What will people think?
What will people say?
I can’t believe these questions scare me so
What’s it gonna take
To get into the game
What could be the worst scenario?
I could hit a wall…I could lose it all
Slip and fall flat on my face

Big deal – so what
I won’t be the first to mess things up
Big deal – it’s alright
At least I’ll know I tried
Big deal- it’s OK
I’ll get it right someday

I could lock the doors
I could close the blinds
Play it safe inside my living room
I could let my fears
Bury me alive
Keep from the things I’m meant to do
Or I could take the cup of life and drink it up
And when I spill it on myself

Repeat chorus

I will take the cup of life and drink it up

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Feel Free

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