From the album Feel Free.

Written by Carolyn Arends.

You can fill my crosswords in with ink
Speak your mind before you think
Wear your shoes inside my house
Wear my clothes and wear me out
You can lose your head or spill your guts
I’m your friend I’m not your judge

Feel free to laugh or cry
Feel free to wonder why
Feel free to dance or grieve
You are safe when you’re with me
Feel free

You can change your plans or change your mind
A million, billion, trillion times
Raise the roof or pound the door
Climb the walls or hit the floor
You can run with scissors if you must
But it’d be better if you just

Repeat chorus

To pray or scream or say or dream anything you want to
To tell me every secret thing about the ghosts that haunt you

And you can open up your closet wide
There’s no skeleton inside
Worse than ones I call my own
Rest assured you’re not alone
And together we can face that stuff
Till at long last both of us

Repeat chorus

© 1997 running arends music/New Spring Publishing, a division of Brentwood Music Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP)

Feel Free

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