From the album Recognition.

Words and music by Carolyn Arends.

Darling, it’s late, and my body is aching
I’ve been up racing these ghosts round and round
I’ll come to bed and I’ll ask you to hold me
‘Cause when you enfold me my mind settles down
I get so scattered by worries and plans
But when I fall to pieces then you are the only man who can

Gather me, gather me, gather me
Oh you gather me up in your arms

Darling, you know I can get so distracted
I’m chasing rabbits, and then I lose track.
But when I get lost in the thoughts I am thinking
You are the beacon who helps me get back
Sometimes I’m scattered by so much to do
But when I fall to pieces then baby the only glue is you


If I am a kite, baby, you are the string
I can fly without coming untethered
And if you are a riverbed, I am a stream
I can flow while you hold me together


© Running Arends Music/ASCAP

MH—acoustic bass
SC— octave mandolin, vocals
CA—vocals, resonator guitar (Supro Folkstar)
RKS—pump organ, electric guitar (Jerry Jones 12-string), shaker, vocals

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