From the album Recognition.

Words and music by Carolyn Arends.
Inspired by God Walk by Mark Buchanan.

What’s your hurry
Little pilgrim
Always running
So behind
Why the worry
When God’s children
All got world enough and time

We’ve got to slow down
To catch up
Grow young
To grow up
No more chasing the wind
Let the Spirit lead
Till we slow down
To God’s Speed
May we slow down
To God’s speed

Why so frantic
Little human
You’ve been racing
Long enough
It’s time for planting
Time for blooming
Growing at the
Speed of love


Anything worth anything
Takes a while, it’s true
But God has all the time He needs
To see the changes through
He’s making us brand new
And all we’ve got to do is …


© Running Arends Music/ASCAP

MH—acoustic bass
SC— mandolin
CA—vocals, guitar (Guild F50 Jumbo)
RKS—electric guitar (Eastwood Airline), organ
Kent Wallace—trumpet, horn arranger
Brent Mah—tenor sax
Ann McCrary—vocals
Regina McCrary—vocals
Frida McCrary—vocals

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