From the album Travelers.

Written by Carolyn Arends.

I don’t quite know who I am anymore
I don’t know if that’s normal or not
I don’t know if I know you at all anymore
At least not in the way that I thought
But I know there are canyons in Utah
Red as fire, high as the sky
And they make me cry
‘Cause I don’t know one living soul
Who could carve out of stone such a view
So I know — it has to be you
It has to be you

There are days all of my faith slips away
There are days that I don’t even care
There are days I find myself desperately praying
And still cannot feel that you’re there
But the sun, it comes up every morning
Blazing glory, consuming the night
And it’s quite a sight
‘Cause I can’t find one human mind
That could make the sun shine ever new
So I know — it has to be you
It has to be you

Well if I’ve built my hopes on mirrors and smoke
If it’s all been a dream from the start
Why then can’t I deny the yearning inside
More real than the beat of my heart

There’s a voice I cannot hear with my ears
There’s a voice I can hear all the same
There’s a voice that speaks
In my dreams and my fears
It is endlessly callingmy name
And on warm summer breezes it whispers
Rivers carry its soft lullaby
And it makes me cry
‘Cause I don’t know one other love
That would go to such lengths to break through
So I know — it has to be you
It has to be you

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