From the album Christmas: The Story of Stories.

Written by Carolyn Arends.

O, little town of Bethlehem
I think it is a lie
That you were still or dreamless
On that first Christmas night
‘Cause you had soldiers, and politicians
Over-crowding in your streets
And there was chaos, and human cruelty
And never quite enough to eat
And then the baby came
And when the baby came …

I think he cried the way that babies do
I think his mama might have cried a little too
I bet you Joseph didn’t have a clue what to do
He was new at fatherhood
So I don’t think it was a silent night
I kind of doubt that all was calm that night
But there were those who heard about a light
Saw the sight and they understood
It was a holy … It was a holy
It was a holy night

O, when the herald angels sang
I bet they thought it odd
That such a poor and broken place
Should be a home for God
And did they gasp to see him shiver
Cold and hungry in our skin
Did they tremble, did they wonder
How we deserved a gift like Him
Oh, but just the same
The baby came …


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Christmas: The Story of Stories

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