From the album Just Getting Started.

Written by Carolyn Arends.

Back when we were kids, every day we would wish
We could just hurry up and get older
All our days soon obliged and went whistling by
And now time marches on like a soldier
There have been moments, so sweet and so good
I would have frozen the frame if I could
Oh but we’re more like movies than photographs
And everything’s moving so fast … but …

This is the Preface to the Introduction
The Opening Act in an endless production
This is a map that we haven’t yet charted
We’re just getting started
And these are but tastes of the banquet before us
The music is great, but just wait for the chorus
From delivery rooms to the dearly departed …
We’re just getting started

Now the miles all fly in the blink of an eye
But it’s still a good race we are running
And it matters so much because it’s taking us
On the journey that is our becoming
All that we love, all the choices we make
They make us and shape us till one day we take
Every age we have been, every song we’ve sung
Into the Age that’s to Come …. ‘cause …


Every wound we bear, every joy we share
Hints at something greater
Every sad farewell we whisper now
Is really “see you later” …


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