From the album Feel Free.

Written by Carolyn Arends

I think it was last Thursday – I went to see my friend
We drank some Coca Cola, we laughed a while and then
We dove into philosophy and politics and sin
The way we do
He told me he’d been looking the cold truth in the eyes
He told me my religion was wishing in disguise
He said “The only Savior is the one inside your mind”
And I said “if that’s true
Then you can

Call me crazy ’cause I don’t want to live that way
Call me lazy – I don’t want to work that hard
Call me crazy, but I don’t think that I can save myself

You see I’ve read a thousand pages on how to help myself
To a thousand different ways to perfect mental health
And I swear I’ve tried them all and I’m still needing something else
And I think you are too
So you can

Repeat chorus

And furthermore I still believe in what I cannot see or touch
Crazy things like dreams and prayers and faith and hope and love
And I know a life without these things is not a life at all
So you can call it sanity but then you’ll have to call me crazy

Repeat chorus

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Feel Free

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