From the album Recognition.

Words by Laura Funk and Carolyn Arends.
Music by Carolyn Arends.
Based on the poem “When It Comes” by Laura Funk.

Every day the chaplain comes
To sit beside the dying
She listens when there are no words
And helps with the goodbye-ing
And when they ask her how to die
She says she’s never tried it
But then she takes them by the hand
And whispers in the quiet

When it’s time for you to leave
Gather all the love you’ve known
The love you gave, the love received
And let it lead you home
Oh, let love lead you home

Sometimes there are photographs
They look at them together
A wedding dress, a bassinet
A tree every December
And if the family can come
They tell so many stories
And with their laughter and their tears,
They make that room so holy


Well sometimes all the memories
Have faded past retrieving
And sometimes there’s no loved ones left
To come and do the grieving
But the chaplain knows their song plays on
Though only God can hear it
And so she takes them by the hand
And whispers for the Spirit


© Running Arends Music/ASCAP and LauraFunk/SOCAN

MH—acoustic bass
SC— mandola, violin, vocals
CA—vocals, guitar (Martin New Yorker)
RKS—electric guitar (Epiphone Casino)
Kent Wallace—flugel horn, horn arranger
Brent Mah—tenor sax

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