From the album Recognition.

Words and music by Carolyn Arends.

I aimed to stayed within the normal range
I did not go against the flow
I tried to never be too loud or strange
I was at home with status quo
Then cracks were forming in the plaster
And all the structures came undone
What we call normal’s a disaster
So now I just want to become

‘Cause everything we trusted has gone bad
This dysfunction
Needs disruption
So let’s all get maladjusted to a world gone mad

I know in Michigan in ‘63
A preacher made this message clear
And ringing in those words from Dr. King
There is another voice to hear
‘Cause Jesus said the first would be the last
In every place His kingdom comes
And if we give our lives we get ‘em back
And that is why we must become


© Running Arends Music/ASCAP

MH—acoustic bass
SC— octave mandolin (Heiden), vocals
CA—vocals, guitar (Martin D28)
RKS—piano, electric guitar (Eastwood Airline), tambourine

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