From the album Under The Gaze.

Written by Carolyn Arends.

If there is a cup of life
And we each get our quotas
May you drink yours down, pass the rest around
And not waste one iota
And if there is a winding road
And mountains meant for climbing
May you be strong and brave, and constantly amazed
By every new horizon

And may you live
All the days
Of your life
May you live
All the days
Of your life

And if our days make up a dance
Then have no hesitation
Turn the music loud and send a crowd
Of friends your invitation
And if it’s true that love’s a song
We sing in joy and sadness
Then may your song be sung at the top of your lungs
And may it bring you gladness

May you live…

And if there is another world
That waits beyond the curtain
Then when your time has come may you hear “well done”
And may you know for certain

That you lived …

© 2004 Carolyn Arends Music (SOCAN)

Under the Gaze

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