From the album Recognition.

Words and music by Carolyn Arends.

And when the eulogy was read
All my friends and family said
“She really tried her best.
We guess it was how she was wired
To work so hard and be so tired
Maybe now that she’s expired
She’ll finally get some rest.”
And then a monk entered my dream and started laughing
And that’s when the whole thing turned into Latin

Memento Mori
Remember you will die
So live the story
You want to tell
Memento Mori
You only get one life
So don’t be sorry
Just live it well

Well then I woke up with a start
Relieved to feel my beating heart
I lay there breathing in the dark
So glad to be alive
And I looked at the world anew
A bit like Ebenezer Scrooge
And all my lists of my To Dos
Just seemed to vaporize
‘Cause when it’s really time to enter the Here After
Love will be the only thing that matters


Well if you have a dream like mine please don’t be wary
‘Cause you can learn to live from your obituary

© Running Arends Music/ASCAP

MH—acoustic bass
SC— acoustic guitar (Santa Cruz 00 1929), electric guitars (Harmony Stratotone, Gibson Firebird), vocals
CA—vocals, guitar (Martin D28)
RKS—wurli, vocals

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