From the album Love Was Here First.

Written by Carolyn Arends.

I’m a caterpillar who will not cocoon
Feels like a tomb – I will not die
I am a seed that will not be broken
For the flower to open – no I will not die

I am a pilgrim on a dead-end road
Who refuses to go in a new direction
I am a sucker for my favourite lie:
That you don’t have to die to live the resurrection
I don’t wanna die to live the resurrection

I am a creature who prefers my cave
To the light of day ‘cause it’s what I know
And I am a sailor who will not leave shore
There could come a storm, the winds could blow


I am a girl who is sore afraid
That the life I’ve made’s no life at all
Can you find a pulse in this concrete heart
Could the end be a start after all


God help me die to live the resurrection

© 2009 Running Arends Music/ASCAP

Jon Anderson: drums
Adrian Walther: bass
Roy Salmond: electric guitars, acoustic guitar, keys, tambourine, backing vocals
Spencer Capier: violin
Carolyn Arends: acoustic guitar, piano, backing vocals

Love Was Here First

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