From the album Love Was Here First.

Written by Carolyn Arends.  

I know when You were here
You spoke a lot of words
To disturb the comfortable
And comfort the disturbed
But those who knew You best
Must have wondered why
You never said good-bye

You said “Lo, I’m with you always
Always know that I’m
Making preparations
In a world beyond all time
Where we never say good-bye”

I know when You were here
The people gathered ‘round
To hear You tell of prodigals
And treasures lost and found
And some folks understood
And some folks didn’t try
Still, You never said good-bye


I know when You were here
Whenever You would speak
The lame would walk, the blind would see
Your talk was never cheap
And when the time had come
You said You had to die
But You never said good-bye


© 2009 Running Arends Music/ASCAP

Roy Salmond: percussion, pump organ, toy piano
Carolyn Arends: acoustic guitar
Steve Bell: harmony vocals
Horns: Arranged by Kent Wallace
Trumpet: Kent Wallace
Tenor and Baritone Saxophone: Bill Runge
Trombone: Jeremy Berkman

Love Was Here First

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