From the album Love Was Here First.

Written by Carolyn Arends.

Somewhere there’s a mother waking up
To news in the night that she cannot bear
And somewhere the whole earth is quaking
Making dust of the city that was standing there

Well who can say if the trouble comes from
Above or below or the hands of fate
I just pray when the trouble does come
You help us to remember the promise you make

I know – neither death nor life
Not the past nor the present nor
Things to come
No foe – neither depth nor height
Can separate us
From the love of Christ

Today there’s a church group meeting
Though the government already burned their building down
They say there’s no kind of beating
That can take away the peace and the joy they’ve found

They know – Chorus

Though we go through the valley’s shadow
And we live out our lives in these dangerous times
Still we know every step that we go
We don’t have to walk alone, You walk by our side

We know – Chorus

Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ

© 2009 Running Arends Music/ASCAP

Phil Robertson: drums
Miles Hill: upright bass
Roy Salmond: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keys, accordion, tambourine, backing vocals
Spencer Capier: violins, mandolin, bouzouki, backing vocals
Gayle Salmond: backing vocals
Carolyn Arends: acoustic guitar

Love Was Here First

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