From the album Recognition.

Words and music by Carolyn Arends.

There’s a man in my town
Who can tell some tall tales
Works a job roofing houses
He’s tougher than nails
But his voice trails away
When he’s had a few beers
Because he’s got some secrets that nobody hears
Everyone sits by their own pool of tears

There’s a woman I know
Who gets angry sometimes
Treats her friends just like foes
And she doesn’t know why
Says she can’t understand
When she looks in the mirror
Who it is she’s become or just how she got here
Everyone sits by their own pool of tears

We try denial
It helps for a while
And we try a million distractions
But when nothing will work
And everything hurts
What if we tried some compassion?

I’ve been looking around
In my own neighbourhood
We all smile and we wave
And we say that we’re good
But I can’t help but think
Underneath our veneers
We are so close to drowning in sorrows and fears
Everyone sits by their own pool of tears


Well I’m not even sure
Why I’m writing this song
Guess it’s just to confess
What we’ve known all along
Pain is part of the deal
For as long as we’re here
But we’re not all alone in this, that much is clear
All of us sit by our own pool of tears

So let’s take a deep breath
And let’s pull up some chairs
Cause our wounds only heal
When we give them some air
There’s a remedy found
In the lending of ears
So whatever goes down through the miles and the years
Let’s promise each other to come and draw near
Where everyone sits by their own pool of tears

Everyone sits by their own pool of tears

© Running Arends Music/ASCAP

MH—acoustic bass
SC— mandola, vocals
CA—vocals, guitar (Martin New Yorker)
RKS—accordion, electric guitar (Gretsch Tennessean), tambourine
Steve Dawson – pedal steel, recorded at The Henhouse, Nashville, TN

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