From the album We’ve Been Waiting For You (The Parenthood Project).

Written by Carolyn Arends.

Anticipation and anxiety
Oh I cannot believe that you are coming true
should be sleeping but I’m way too wired
Oh I am very tired, baby I’m begging you
Stop running through my dreams
Stop pounding in my chest
You know I love you
But I gotta get some rest — I’m such a mess

Chorus: And the thought of you keeps me awake
Makes my earth quake, for heaven’s sake
The thought of you makes me so glad
I’ve got it bad, I must look mad
I’m sleep deprived and smiling wide and
all of this is due
Baby to the thought of you

For me to tell you I can hardly wait
Is to understate how much I want you here
You gotta hurry, ‘cause it’s getting worse
And I am gonna burst if I don’t hold you near
You’ve turned me upside down
You’ve turned me inside out
You’ve turned into someone
I cannot live without — without a doubt


I can’t stop thinking ‘bout you baby

Anticipation and anxiety, oh I cannot believe
How long it’s taking
You gotta hurry ‘cause it’s getting worse
and I am gonna burst
So come on, baby

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We’ve Been Waiting For You (The Parenthood Project)

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