From the album Christmas: The Story of Stories.

Written by Carolyn Arends.

Seems like my Christmas cheer
Is hard to find this year
I think it vanished in the fall
Strange how a loss or two
Can eat away at you
Until there’s not much left at all
But they say Advent is for waiting
And so I guess that’s what I’ll do …

There is a vacancy
Right here inside of me
It’s been that way for quite a while
But there’s a blessedness
In this great emptiness
If it makes room here for the child

Though my midwinter’s bleak
I am resolved to keep
A candle burning in the dark
And when the night is still
I will not rush to fill
The silence growing in my heart
Cause they say Advent is for longing
So tell me what else can I do?

Come …. Lord Jesus, won’t you come?

© Running Arends Music/ASCAP

Christmas: The Story of Stories

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