From the album I Can Hear You.

Written by Carolyn Arends.

Sacrifices never made, desperate prayers I left unprayed
Forgiveness not asked for, love not confessed
Compromises all refused, coat of armor not removed
Everything guarded till nothing was left
But the image of a face I can’t forget
The bitter, lasting taste of my regret

What I wouldn’t give to be younger and wiser
What I wouldn’t give to be yours once more
What I wouldn’t give to be less of a miser
And give you what I wouldn’t give before

All the lines I wouldn’t cross, battles won while love was lost
I built my fortress on blood, sweat, and fears
Terrified you’d run away, I made sure you couldn’t stay
I packed all your bags, I cried all your tears
I locked the door behind you and I knew
I’d give anything to be with you

Repeat chorus

My situation’s tragic
My condition is so sad
What I wouldn’t give you
Cost me all that I had

Repeat chorus

© 1995 Edward Grant/running arends music (admin. by Reunion Music Publishing) /Sunday Shoes Music (ASCAP)

I Can Hear You

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