From the album Recognition.

Featuring Amy Grant.
Words and music by Carolyn Arends.

This was meant to be a melancholic song
A litany of all that’s gone wrong
But the melody took over, and it started to soar
Till it wasn’t melancholic anymore

I was going to write a cynical verse
‘Cause the bad just seems to keep getting worse
But the notes found their own rhythm, and they started to dance
Till my cynicism didn’t stand a chance

“Without music life would not be fair”
I heard someone say
Well God knows there’s injustice everywhere
But the music will not go away

Instrumental verse


So I guess this is my song for all the ones
Who keep singing as the world comes undone
Like a broken hallelujah, their melodies soar
Till the world’s not quite so broken anymore

Yeah like a rumour of glory, our melodies soar
And the world’s not quite as hopeless anymore

© Running Arends Music/ASCAP

MH—acoustic bass
SC— acoustic guitar (Santa Cruz 00 1929)
CA—vocal, guitar (Koa Taylor)
RKS—accordion, electric guitar (Gretsch 1963 Country Gentleman 6120), percussion
Amy Grant—duet vocal (engineered by Matt Rausch at The House, Nashville, TN)

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