From the album We’ve Been Waiting For You (The Parenthood Project).

Words by Joy Jonat and Carolyn Arends.
Music by Carolyn Arends.

Our precious little one, hello
Hope you don’t mind if we watch you grow
Today we saw you focus your eyes
And look at us with such surprise
Could you see we were giving thanks
To your Father in heaven

Soon you will learn to touch your nose
To giggle whenever we tickle your toes
And we can’t wait to hear you coo
And then you’ll talk and when you do
We hope you know you can always speak
With your Father in heaven

There’s a world of wonders
Waiting in store just outside our door
But the greatest thing that we ever will do
Is kneel at your bedside and introduce you
To the One who first thought of the wonder of you
Your Father in heaven

First you will crawl and then you’ll stand
We’re gonna cheer, we’re your biggest fans
You’ll take a step, and then one more
We hope it’s not too long before
You understand you can always run
To your Father in heaven


You’ll learn green is green and blue is blue
God’s crayon box comes with every hue
You’ll learn to make angels in the snow
To catch a frog and let it go
May you know that all good things come
From your Father in heaven

We pray that you’ll always run
To your Father in Heaven

© 2002 Songs of Peer, Ltd./Mr. Marley’s Music/ASCAP

We’ve Been Waiting For You (The Parenthood Project)

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